One Day is an online interactive project that was going show what normal people all around the world are doing on one normal Wednesday in March 2020.

But March 2020 is no normal month.

When I started this project coronavirus didn’t exist. When I developed it coronavirus was just a series of fear mongering headlines. When I rolled it out coronavirus was a pandemic.

Now this project is about documenting normal people’s days during exceptional times – life during the global outbreak of a new infectious disease.

And by documenting as many different people’s days as possible during March 2020, I’m hoping to give a real life insight into what the world looks like during this extraordinary time.


Everyone can take part in this project. All you need to do is take a photo approximately every hour you are awake on any day this month (March 2020), along with one short audio recording of that day too. You can do as few or as many days as you like, and they don’t need to be consecutive.

For more details, check out the criteria below. All submissions that meet the criteria will be uploaded onto this purpose-built website for everyone to eventually browse through.


Here are full details on what you need to do:

Take ONE photo EVER HOUR you are awake on one specific day (you don’t need to take any when you’re asleep). This day must be in March or April 2020. Please record as close to the beginning of each hour as you can once you are awake.

The photos can be taken on any device (camera, tablet, phone, etc), but must be photographed:
– In the direction you are looking in (i.e. do NOT take selfies – we want to see what you can see!)
– Be in landscape orientation

You will then make ONE audio recording during this day. This can be of anything you feel is interesting or important. It should be a minimum of 30 seconds long. Most phones have a sound recording function and this is what we recommend you use. If you wish to record more than one during the day then go for it!

DON’T add any effects or filters, etc, to the photographs or audio – we just want the raw files.

Once you have taken your photos please write captions for them. In each caption you can explain what you are doing/why you are doing it/how you feel. The caption can be as long or as short as you wish.

The closer you can all follow rules the better the project will be!

Looking forward to having you on board.


Ready to submit? First make sure you have everything on this list:

All the photos from your day
One audio file from your day, minimum 30 seconds
A list of captions for each photo
A photo of yourself (as good quality as possible)

Once you have all of the above please email everything to:

extra tipS

Here are some more tips/guidelines to help you with your submission:

This does NOT matter! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, just photograph exactly what you see/what is happening in your day. It doesn’t matter if the photos look the same every hour, or if you think they’re boring, the purpose of this project is to simply document exactly what your day looks like, completely unfiltered. Every single photo tells a story!

If you forget to take one that’s okay! Just do it as soon as you can. If you miss a whole hour just explain what happened/why you forgot that hour in your captions. BUT PLEASE NOTE: Your submission might not be accepted if there are too many unexplained/unjustified gaps, so please try to remember!

And if you are not allowed to take a photo/sound recording that’s okay too (for example you are in a place that does not allow photography). Just explain in your captions what happened/why you were not able to take it.

You don’t need to wake yourself up to take photos/record the sound. If you are asleep you can just document it in your captions once you are awake again.

If you prefer writing in your native language that is absolutely fine.

If you have any questions or want to know more just fill in the form below: